TAB – The Three Of Us

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I wrote this song in a hotel room in Hanoi, Vietnam. At that time my love Eszter was pregnant with our first child Bálint and they were on my mind as I sat there and wrote this piece.  This happened after a China tour where I performed together with the Japanese master Masaaki Kishibe. Masaaki’s use of alternative tunings and soulful melodies inspired me and I started to experiment with DADGAD.  Since then Bálint was born and he enjoys listening to this peace. I hope you will have as much fun learning it as I had writing it. Now you can also book a Skype lesson with me and I can lead you through the learning process and help you with tips and ideas.
After paying you can download the tabs in pdf and guitar pro formats. Never upload them anywhere.
Remember, that playing music is about bringing light into the darkness.



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